How can we protect the intellectual property (IP) of our 3D CAD data?

One of the essential problems of the manufacturing industry is the protection of the intellectual property (IP), which resides in the CAD data. Sometimes classic DRM (Digital Rights Management) solutions are used, which finally just protect files using passwords. This approach cannot prevent abuse or mistakes of users, which might end up in loosing sensitive data to unauthorized recipients.

The only methods, that really work, are the following:


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For that purpose 3DViewStation product family provides the visibility test. We ca recognize, which objects are visible from outside and then remove all invisible parts, all invisible faces or all invisible triangles. Depending on the option chosen, the remaining objects can be stored as BREP or tessellation. These functions are available interactively or in batch mode.
Ideally you choose for alienation parameters, which will make it difficult to recognize the changes, still modify the resulting CAD data the way, that they will be useless for manufacturing of plagiarism. Also for this use case the 3DViewStation product family provides the necessary tools incl. parameter options. All computations can be done interactively or automated in batch, the results can be stored as BREP or tesselated files.