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Metal Stamping Dies

We fave been building metal stamping dies, prototype parts and gauges. Our customers recognize us as a quality source for reliable tooling and on-time delivery.

We are a tooling supplier of progressive dies, line dies and mechanical transfer dies. Our dies are making the component for most of automotive producers in Europe. We manage every aspect of the tool build: from die set design to machining of details, assembly and press tryout. We support a work environment of innovation and continuous improvement. From design and engineering through to manufacturing and tool tryout, our improvements and innovation continue to make our company a more effective tool supplier.

We design the tools and simulate the process of manufacturing. Potential forming problems are identify in the design and engineering phase of tool building prevents scheduling delays during manufacturing. Up front reliance on engineering, design, and CAD/CAM, ensures tooling is built in a timely and cost effective manner. Active solution-driven communication with tool buyers keeps schedules on track.
In parallel to the tooling process, we offer high quality control gauges and control the quality of the products at the earliest phase of the production process.