Inspection Gauges and Fixture

ZETEK produces gauge and fixture designs for production environments. Our gauge design concepts factor in ergonomics, usability, checking method preferences, durability and fixture maintenance.

We provide a complete service in the area of "Gauge & Fixture":

  • define the Quality Inspection device concept ;
  • make 3D CAD design in any CAD software - base on Customer's wishes;
  • produce hartmodel of the projects, incl. finall calibration acc. to Customer's requirements;
  • procide MSA's and other tests based on Customer's request;
  • prepare manuals and all necessary certification; 
  • make final measuring reports;
  • provide Gauge & Fixture Maintenance and Repair.


Types of Fixtures

  • CMM positioning / holding fixtures
  • SPC fixtures
  • Attribute checking fixtures
  • Environmental inspection gauges
  • Assembly checking fixtures
  • Cooling fixtures
  • Welding fixtures & jigs

We can build the gauges according to your general or specific gauge and fixture specifications.