CNC Precision Metal Working

We provide the services in the area of CNC and conventional machining. We always try to balance the highest technology with conventional part of the machines, tools and devices. It gives us the most cost effective results, which satisfy our Clients.

Modern computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools have revolutionized precision machining and metal fabrication processes. With CNC machining capabilities on a number of machines, we are able to provide quicker turn-around time and improved quality in the manufacturing of metal products.

Working closely with customers and constantly aware of the markets trends, we continue to evolve our manufacturing capabilities and capital investments to meet customer needs.

Our machine park contains 3, 4, and 5 Axis CNC/EDM (DMG, Gildemeister, Mitsubishi, Sodick, etc.) and also many conventional machines allow us to provide monthly metalworking service in a hight of over 4.000 working hours per month.

In the range of our products are :

- aluminium, steel and plastic components;
- simple 2D parts as well as very precise parts and assemblies;
- serial components as well as individual, very often single individual parts as well as prototypes or testing parts;
- products from many different branches like : automotive, aircraft, medical, sometimes also since or even art;
- and You can also be our individual! We will always try to do everything what You want. Working together we will reach your targets.